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Feb 23

Internet, Internet, on the wall…

It’s interesting to occasionally look at the weblogs to see what information people are searching for when then come to  We thought we’d pull a few where the searcher may not have found what they were looking for, so here we provide  a few answers where we can:

“is aaron shust married”.  Yes, to a wonderful young lady we know well.

“single men in church are rare.”  Some places, yes.  Some places, no.

“why did chris tomlin revise amazing grace”.  If you’re referring to the last verse of the song, he didn’t revise it.  He reverted back to the original song as initially written.  It was modified in the past by some who objected to the biblical emphasis the original verse placed on the sovereignty of God.  See

“mac powell wife”  Mac is married to Aimee, a delightful lady we’ve enjoyed meeting in the past along with Mac at adoption events.  We found a number of variations of this search in the logs, incidentally, almost every day.

“andy stanley trinity”.  We have known Andy for a very long time and are confident he believes firmly in the classic, orthodox Christian doctrine known as the Trinity.

“jobs + passion city church.”  Doesn’t everyone want to work there?  No jobs, per Louie, at least not as of a couple of months ago.

“abraham piper excommunicated”  Yes, following biblical directives with regard to church discipline, John Piper’s son was excommunicated from Piper’s church when it became apparent–by his own admission– that he was not a believer.  Several years ago, he came to faith and was restored to church membership.

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