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Feb 04

Christmas, Easter, and Beyond – An Animation

The Story of Christmas

My goal behind this animation was to present the Christmas story in the midst of it’s over arching context – one that spans from creation into eternity, and to show Jesus Christ as the blazing, glory filled center of history. It’s easy for me to forget (but jubilant to remember) that we are in the middle of a massive, epoch spanning narrative with JESUS CHRIST as the author, hero, central theme, and consummation – to the glory of God the Father. Hopefully this animation can help to remind us of (and introduce to those who’ve never known) the centrality of our King in all things and throughout all ages.

Narration by Rik Billock

Songs used:

Call for heroes – Shockwave sound

Freedom battle – Michael W. Smith
Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel – Casting Crowns
I heard the bells on Christmas Day (instrumental) – Casting Crowns

( I was not able to contact Casting Crowns or Michael W. Smith to get their for sure “OK” on using there music in this way. I’m assuming they will be fine with this use – but if they see this video and want it taken down, please just contact me and I will do so. This video is for the encouragement, edification, and building up of the Body of Christ. I do not (and cannot) gain any profit from it.)

Christopher Powers

An exile struggling by grace to love and live well, while groaning for my home and true country, for my King and true joy.

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