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Nov 22

Tim Tebow on Passion and Purpose

23 year old Tim Tebow, past winner of the Heisman Trophy and one of the best college football players to ever play the game, spoke earlier this year about the role passion plays in his life.

Something that has been extremely big in my life is trying to live with passion.

When I was a boy, my dad was coming home from a mission trip.  He had been gone five weeks and so my mom, my two brothers…we went to the airport to pick him up.  We were so excited.  We gave him a big hug.  And so we hopped in the car, and we’re driving home and he gets off at the wrong exit, and he goes and stops at a Blockbuster.  I said, “Dad, what are you doing?”  And he was like “I’ve got to get a movie, I’ll be right back.”  So he walks in, gets a movie, comes back.  We go home.  He doesn’t tell us what the movie is.  Before he puts it on, he looked at me and my brother and he said “sons, I want ya’ll to  have passion like this man.  I want ya’ll to influence people like this man.  And if you love your life, and if you live with passion, you will be able to influence people like this man.”

So he put on the movie Braveheart.

And so I watched it as a little boy.  Yeah, it had a lot of violence and stuff in it, but….[laugh]  right when I watched that movie it became my favorite movie of all time.  One, because it was a great movie, but also because my dad shared with me about living with passion.  And so from that moment on, everything I did in my life I tried to do it with passion.  In football, in school, in life, in my Christian life, I’ve tried to live with passion, and love my life and what I was doing.

And I thought on the football field, on the baseball diamond, on the basketball court, that was going to separate me.  Because when you love what you do and you’re passionate about it, that coach is going to see.  Your teammates are going to see.  They’re going to be drawn to you.  They’re going to want to listen to you…”what is it that’s different about you?”  Then it gives you the opportunity to say “you know what’s different about me?”  I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  And that’s what’s different about me.

If you missed it, the ESPN program Outside the Lines did a program in 2005 on Tebow as a 17 year old home-schooled high school student.  It’s worth watching, providing insight into the recruiting process, his home schooling (which would be illegal in many states), workout regimens, and his family.  Part one is below.

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