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Oct 11

Something to Say – An Animation

Doubt is a bitter enemy. A lying, relentless whisper that echoes those first treacherous words, “Did God really say…?” And when it descends on the life of a Christ follower, the ensuing struggle is anything but easy.

A few months ago I was hit hard by a cloud of uncertainty and doubts…”am I really sincere?”, “‘Did I mean what I just prayed?”, “Can I trust what I’m reading?”, “Am I just brainwashing myself?”…It was a difficult time because it seemed like my own mind had turned against me. Of course I “knew” the truth – I would have taken a bullet for the things that I believed – but that didn’t shake the creeping feelings of doubt when I would read the Bible or cry out in prayer. Honestly, it was frightening.

But because of God’s preserving faithfulness, the war in my heart and mind drove me deeper into the scriptures. I was forced to cling fiercely to God’s promises and to upgrade my “Sword” and “Shield” which had grown obsolete in these new fields of Spiritual combat. And like Peter before me, God in Christ sustained my faith and drew me out safely on the other side of the valley – Praise Him for His unshakable faithfulness, even when our own hearts falter!

During this period I came across Starfield’s song “Something to Say” and was struck by it’s simularities to my own (and other believer’s) experience with doubt. My hope is that this video would not to glorify or justify the struggle against doubt ( because God is very clear that unbelief is sin – and like all sins it needs to be hated and warred against through the Spirit.) but that it might be the strengthening that Christ spoke of in Luke 22:32.

Christopher Powers

An exile struggling by grace to love and live well, while groaning for my home and true country, for my King and true joy.

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