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Aug 26

Audio Messages from Barry St. Clair, Louie Giglio, Dave Busby

Reach Out Youth Solutions

Audio Messages

Under the Waterline – Barry St. Clair’s Story
Under the Waterline – Part 1-
Under the Waterline – Part 2 –

Jesus Focused Youth Ministry (Barry St. Clair)
Sessions 1&2 – See the Big Picture and Pray with Passion
Session 3 – Go Deeper with Christ
Session 4 – Build Leaders
Session 5 – Disciple Leaders
Session 6 – Penetrate the Campus
Session 7 – Create Outreach Opportunities

Building Leaders
Dangerous Leadership – Barry St. Clair
Barriers to Dangerous Leadership – Barry St. Clair
Facing & Dealing with Life’s Dissappoinments – Dave Busby
Falling Passionately in love with Jesus – Dave Busby
Becoming Change Leaders – Dave Busby
The Friendship and the Fear – Louie Giglio

Jesus No Equal (Barry St. Clair)
Connecting with God
Embracing Jesus
Hurdles that Hinder
Taking a Snapshot of Jesus
Taking Jesus to Your Campus

Life Happens (Barry St. Clair)
Who am I?
Where am I going?
How am I going to get there?

Moving Toward Maturity
Expanding Your Influence – Barry St. Clair
Leaving a Legacy – Barry St. Clair
The Friendship and the Fear – Louie Giglio
The Indispensable Grace of God – Dave Busby
The Empowering Presence of God – Dave Busby
Personal Renewal – Dave Busby

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