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Aug 21

10 Marks of the Early Church

Re-enacting Rom

Writes David Fairchild:

Rodney Stark and other sociologists tell us there were 10 values of early Christians that stood in stark (no pun intended) contrast to the pluralistic pagan culture of Rome. Let’s prayferfully think through these values and match them to the witness of our own churches. Do we see the city existing for us or do we see our church and our lives existing for the city?

Read the list here.   

We have our 20th century lists of Christian do’s and don’ts.  They had theirs centuries ago.  But theirs don’t neatly fit into ours.  Indeed, it sounds as if the early church would have been outcasts in either the Democratic or Republican parties of today.  And what comtemporary church would they have been at home in?  Yours?  Ours?  Or possibly neither? 

Admittedly, some of these items could use further clarification.  Were the wars fought in that period different from what we have today, under Augustine’s “just war” definition?  Probably, but some would disagree.  And does football and boxing qualify as a “bloodthirsty” sport?  Probably not, given the rules and medical attention provided.  And what about women empowered…are they talking about women as equals in society, or women pastoring churches?  Nonetheless, good food for thought.

(HT: The Point)

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