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Jul 22

Coast to Coast and a Sunburned Heart

Chrystina Fincher

Coast to Coast and a Sunburned Heart

Tomorrow our friend Chrystina Lloree Fincher is releasing a new summer EP entitled Coast to Coast and a Sunburned Heart.  Chrystina says it “mixes together Texas soil, Georgia clay, and the surf of California….a little bit of where I came from and what is always called ‘home’.

For Chrystina’s 5th solo album, Coast to Coast With A Sunburned Heart, Chrystina drew on the breadth of influences and experiences that have shaped her as an artist and individual. From songs like California, a bittersweet, sun-scorched melody, to Still Loving You, a heart-wrenching duet inspired by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, the album goes from the front porch to the lakeside pier, and even to the open road. “I wanted this record to a departure from the stuff I’d written in the past, but to still be me.  I’m inspired by so many things and wanted to write stories that are woven in all of us. Stories of love, heartbreak, hope, life and faith”.   Chrystina teamed up with Jason Hoard to produce the record and set out to create a sound that mixes together California sun, Texas soil, and Georgia clay. “All of these places are a bit of who I am, from country to rock to gospel and in between. We wanted the album to have a summer vibe, but still get down to the sounds that I grew up with.

Some of our readers will recognize Chrystina from North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, and big Stuf Camps, or from Previous CD Releases .

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