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Apr 13

Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book

We've been reading a new children's Bible during our devotions that both we and our kids are enjoying: Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book.  This volume (which our five year old understands much of) takes a chronological view of the Bible, and tells stories in a way that connects kids to Bible truth.  Much like the Jesus Storybook Bible (our other favorite), the author keeps the big picture in view and continuously helps the reader see Jesus and God throughout the OT and the NT.  It's more detailed and advanced than the Jesus Storybook Bible, but not as advanced as the ESV Children's Bible (English Standard Version).

This is an excellent Bible that engages kids while preserving the solid truths of the faith and pointing them to Jesus.

From Crossway:

"One generation shall commend your works to another," writes David in Psalm 145:4, "and shall declare your mighty acts." David surrounds this statement with comments about the nature of God as being altogether worthy of praise. He says people will "pour forth the fame of (his) abundant goodness" and "sing aloud of his righteousness." In other words, telling stories of God's acts will help to make known God's character.
Written for elementary school-aged children, Mighty Acts of God tells the story of God's revelation of himself, his saving purposes, and his covenant. Author Starr Meade explains that these stories are not simply moral examples for kids, but rather they introduce kids to God as Sovereign Ruler, Holy Judge, Powerful Savior, and Faithful Redeemer.

Disclosure: This volume was provided to the reviewer by Crossway Books.

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