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Apr 12

Leading the Next Generation Well: Over-protected

This young generation has grown up with safety seats, safety belts and safety policies on everything. They can’t ride a bike without a helmet, and they stay inside for most of their childhood, in front of a screen. I call them “screenagers.” As parents, we don’t want them out of our sight. We feel we are protecting our future by protecting them. In reality, we may be harming the future. Listen to some of the immediate results of their state, due to our parenting and education methods:

a. A large percentage struggle with obesity.
b. A large percentage experience near-sightedness.
c. A large percentage find it difficult to fulfill commitments.
d. A large percentage wrestle with depression, after 18-years-old.
e. A large percentage discover life is hard to cope with after leaving home.

This generation has been so sheltered by their parents, teachers, counselors, and government rules, many have trouble developing strong, independent coping skills. Authors, Neil Howe and William Strauss write, “Overly involved parents have become a real hassle for many educators. Youth obesity is on the rise as kids spend more time in sedentary activities and less time playing independently outdoors.”

So what does this look like in a real-life kid?


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