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Mar 31

The Ministry Ladder of Success

After the death of Moses, the servant of the Lord . . . – Joshua 1:1

“What, after all, is Apollos?  And what is Paul?  Only servants whom you came to believe. – I Cor 3:5

image Moses is addressed as a “servant of the Lord. “ Not “Moses the leader.”  Not “Moses the great deliverer.”  Not “Moses the righteous.”  Not even “Moses, the friend of God.”  Just “Moses, the servant of the Lord.”

Paul makes a similar statement in I Cor 3:5 (above).  They are all servants, not superstars.

So are we.

It is easy to look at other people and be envious of their experience.  “Why don’t I have the talent that she does?”  “Why is my ministry not as big as his?”  “How come God seems to be working in him and not in me?”  After enough of this thinking we figure there must be a ladder of ministry success.  We begin to envy the people “higher” than us.   Pitiful. 

Truth: We are all bit players in a story authored by the Father.  The players do not write the story, they live, and act, and serve at the direction of the Father.  We may play different roles, but we all have one focus; we are servants.

May you serve today with the freedom of knowing that we all play the same role and serve the same God.

Scot Longyear is the Sr Associate Pastor of Maryland Community Church (Terre Haute, IN) and authors a blog at Resonate

photo by boliston