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Mar 31 2010

Passion 2011: Atlanta and Fort Worth

Twocities From Passion:

It’s official, Passion is returning to Texas!

That means you can choose to be a part of Passion 2011 either in Atlanta, GA, January 1-4 OR Fort Worth, TX, April 1-3.  The heartbeat and core of both gatherings will be the same, but there are a few differences.

Passion 2011 Atlanta will look a lot like last year: four days, six main sessions, dual venues, Community/Family Groups, an interactive Do Something Now area, and breakouts.  The main difference is that we are working around some space issues this year that will mean our capacity in Atlanta will be less than it was for 2010…so not as many people will fit in Atlanta this year!

Passion 2011 Fort Worth will be a three-day gathering with five main sessions, one venue, Community/Family Groups, a more streamlined Do Something Now approach and no breakouts.  As well, our capacity in Fort Worth is significantly less than that of Atlanta.

We are excited to be back in Fort Worth (the site of Passion ‘99) and hope this additional location will make it possible for a lot more students to join the Passion wave in 2011.

Registration for Passion Atlanta is open [the current price is $139 through May 1 and over 2700 people have already staked their place].  Registration for Fort Worth will open next Wednesday, April 7 at 12PM (Noon) EST [opening price-$99 through April 30].

Visit to register and get the latest info!

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