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Feb 08

God is a Lot Bigger Than I Thought He Was

If you've never stood before God and been afraid, then you've probably never stood before the real God.  (It doesn't end there–with fear–but that's where it starts.)  I used to think that God was nice and safe.  Now I know that he is scary…

…God is scary…really scary.  So be afraid…be very afraid.

Why do you think the Scriptures say no one has ever seen the face of God?  Why do you think prophets hid their faces from God?  Why do you think Elijah ran and Jeremiah wept?  Why do you think Paul said he was talking like a fool when he bragged?  Why do you think most folks don't read the book of Revelation or, if they do, feel the need to soften it?

Because one does not trifle with a God who is big and scary. 

In my saner moments I'm glad he's that way.  Little gods do little things.  They speak silly words, and while they might be less threatening, little gods don't give us meaning, demand anything of us, or inspire us.

What Was I Thinking?: Things I've Learned Since I Knew It All by Steve Brown

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