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Jan 04 2010

Life Altering Mistakes: Feelings v. Reason

Tommy Newberry, author of The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life:

We are all, of course, vulnerable to life-altering mistakes, particularly if we have no plan in place to avoid them. Most of us can look back on our life and readily acknowledge that the decisions we regret the most were those where we temporarily suspended the thought of consequences and just did what we felt like doing.

But, if we continue to make national decisions in this manner, based on how those decisions makes us feel, or someone else feel, in the short term, then we can expect nothing less than the same self-inflicted misery that befalls personal moral compromise.

Drip by drip, week by week, we have drifted away from being a thinking country, not just on the personal decisions we make, but on how we deal with the bigger issues of the day that impact the nation as a whole. Have you observed what I’ve been describing?

Feelings, no doubt, should play an important and positive role in our lives, but they predictably wreak havoc, sooner or later, when they are permitted to stand on their own. Feelings, unaccompanied by reason, interfere with wisdom and smother virtue. The cultural obsession with feelings deemphasizes principles and clouds any sense of the “true north” that our nation so desperately needs at this moment in history.

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