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Jan 05 2010

Christian College Students Glorify an ‘Egomaniac’

The Christian Post reports on Passion 2010:

God is the most God-centered person in the universe, says Baptist pastor John Piper. And some people take offense to that.

Addressing more than 21,000 college students at Passion 2010, Piper posed the question on whether Jesus is an egomaniac.

"God demands that we all get on our face and worship Him, admire Him, treasure Him … and count Him as the supreme value in the universe and He's angry when we don't," the long-time evangelical said Monday at the Atlanta, Ga., conference.

For someone who has never questioned glorifying God, Piper has found that "God's God-centeredness is an unbelievably powerful test of my God-centeredness."

"Do we love for God to love His glory … or is our vaunted God-centeredness a cloak for self-centeredness by loving a God who is man-centered?" he asked.

A lot of people do not want to go near God who demands worship and praise. Eric Reece of An American Gospel and talk show host Oprah Winfrey are unwilling to draw near to what they see as an egomaniac, Piper listed as some examples.

It was a struggle for C.S. Lewis as well. But the famed author got his breakthrough.

"Wherever you hear God saying 'praise me' what He's really saying is since praise is the completion of pleasure in greatness, please come to the fullness of your joy … [and] of your satisfaction," Piper explained, citing Lewis' realization.

"If that is called egomania bring it on."

The Baptist theologian added, "You weren't made to be somebody. You were made to know somebody and to be thrilled to know the greatest person in the world as your friend.


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