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Dec 12

Well Done, Linus

Chris Edwards Jensen takes a look at one of the few remaining television specials that hasn't completely lost it's way: A Charlie Brown Christmas.  First aired in 1965, it continues to be a classic Christmas special to those of us who grew up with this classic, along with the Grinch, Frosty, and Rudolph.  Jensen points out why this cartoon in particular stands out among the rest, especially among Christians who dislike the secular orientation of the holidays:

…I believe it all hinges on 60 seconds of footage toward the end of the cartoon.

After being terribly frustrated with the consumer mentalities around him, not to mention how badly things are going with the Christmas play, blockhead-turned-director Charlie Brown asks the pivotal question: “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?

To the credit of Charles Schulz and Bill Melendez, the show’s main creative forces, Linus responds by stepping onto the stage, and reciting Luke 2:8-14 from his King James Bible, reminding us of the true “Reason for the Season,” that being the virgin birth of the promised One, the Messiah, the Lamb of God: Jesus Christ.

Jensen goes on to point out correctly that "…no one responded biblically to the gospel. No one repented of their sins. No one accepted the reality of their lost condition before a holy and righteous God. Sadly, no one was saved by grace through faith in Jesus."  Nonetheless, God's word does not return void and it is amazing to this day that the most accurate telling of the Christmas Story comes from a forty year old cartoon.  Concludes Jensen: 

The beloved “Charlie Brown Christmas” special has once again come and gone, but the Great Commission is still before us. May we, like little Linus Van Pelt, be faithful to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to our family and friends. May we be committed to the hard thing, the uncomfortable thing – for the sake of He who was committed to the most difficult of things when He allowed Himself to be scourged and slain so that sinners might be saved – and share the Father’s wonderful plan of salvation with our loved ones this Christmas season.

ABC will be running the special again on December 15 at 8 PM Eastern.

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