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Dec 08 2009

Album Review – Glorious by Paul Baloche | Worship Matters

My first lengthy conversation with Paul Baloche took place about 5 or 6 years ago. Early on the conversation turned to theology. Paul assured me that his theology was “Jesus,” and he didn’t think it needed to be more complicated than that.

I’m happy to report Paul’s views have changed.

Paul’s new album, Glorious, is filled with intentional, gospel-centered theology that’s expressed in tunes that are both singable and memorable. Yes, you can find albums that are denser theologically and more cutting edge musically. But when it comes to writing accessible songs that communicate biblical truths clearly and sincerely, few do it as well as Paul Baloche. His past two albums (A Greater SongOur God Saves) were evidence that Paul’s goal is to serve local churches with songs that enable the “word of Christ” to dwell in us richly (Col. 3:16). Glorious continues in that direction.

Musically the album hovers around the standard guitar-driven modern worship area, but without the overwhelming “wall of sound” that can get old so quickly. It has a live congregation feel, with applause in between the songs and a brief time of spontaneous singing at the end of How You Love Us. The live sound accents the fact that these songs were intended to be sung and not merely listened to.

Here are my thoughts on the individual songs. I starred my favorites.


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