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Nov 20 2009

Mac Powell, Rockstar, and National Adoption Day

“People ask me how I stay humble,” says Mac. “If I’m humble it’s because I have a family and wife who don’t treat me like a rockstar. Who couldn’t care less if I win Grammy Awards.”

Mac doesn’t hesitate to provide an example. He recalls a sold-out arena. A crowd chanting the band’s name. “Third Day! Third Day!” And the thought “I’m in the greatest Christian rock band in the world!” Then the trailer door swings open, two arms holding a baby emerge, his wife’s voice, “Mac. Will you change this diaper?”

“I’m humble because I can’t help but stay humble,” says Mac.

And Aimee isn’t the only one to keep “Papa” humble. She is aided by the other Powells — Cash, Camie Love, Scout and now Emmanuel.

“People say ‘Y’all are so wonderful for adopting this child. It isn’t like that at all,” says Aimee. “He’s blessed not because of something we’ve done but because of who he is.”

The Powells met with the birth mother over the summer, assuring her that Emmanuel was in good hands. And they were able to dip his feet in the ocean for the first time as a family.

“We knew things weren’t final yet but we wanted to make him apart of some neat experiences,” Aimee says.

In a day when celebrity adoptions seem flippant and silly, the Powells are making a statement about the importance of family and the necessary actions that accompany their faith.

“I think it’s something that God has placed down in all of our hearts — to be able to raise and educate and love and bring up a child,” Mac says. We want to raising them up to be children of faith. To know they were created by a God who loves them and has a purpose and a plan for them.”


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