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Jul 11 2009

Passion 2010

Passion2010lg From Louie Giglio and our other friends at the Passion House:

Though the summer pace is a little slow and campuses are sparse things are moving around the Passion House as Passion Twenty Ten is now LESS THAN SIX MONTHS AWAY!  Crazy!  

A few things you need to know right now.  For one, our friends Hillsong UNITED have confirmed they will be joining us in January and we are pumped.  These guys have been great friends for a while now and it's been amazing to see the way God is using them around the globe.  We couldn't be happier to have them joining Redman, Crowder, Tomlin, Fee, Stanfill, Nockels, Hall and the Passion crew.

As well, we are planning another web link on Monday night, September 14.  Last spring we gathered students from hundreds of campuses with only four days notice.  So how many campuses/students/nations can we gather with over two months to spread the word?  This should be pretty cool.  In fact, we recently met the crew from Southhampton, England who stayed up until 2AM to join us last time around.  Not only will they be on the Passion 2010 Live Link in September, nine of them are already registered to join us in Atlanta!  More details are coming, but for now make plans to be in front of a computer with your friends on September 14.

The very next day, September 15, the price for Passion Twenty Ten goes up.  I know that seems like a long way away, but it will be here before you know it, so register today!  And please continue to help us spread the world.  Wherever you are this summer, tell people about this international gathering of university aged people and make sure they have the chance to join us.

College student?  For all the info visit the Passion 2010 website for details and register today!

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