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Jul 17 2009

Adopted For Life

Book-adopted-for-life Crossway Blog alerts us that Dr. Russell Moore has been posting short videos on each of the chapters in his book, Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches.  Moore argues biblically that Christians ought to embrace adoption as both a "gospel and missiological issue."

Here’s a round-up of all ten videos:

Introduction: Why I Wrote This Book

Chapter 1: Jesus, Adoption, and You

Chapter 2: Are They Brothers?

Chapter 3: Jesus of Nazareth vs. Planned Parenthood

Chapter 4: Don’t You Want Your Own Kids?

Chapter 5: Paperwork, Finances, and Other Threats to Personal Sanctification

Chapter 6: Jim Crow in the Church Nursery

Chapter 7: It Takes a Village to Adopt a Child

Chapter 8: Adoption is a Past-Tense Verb

Chapter 9: Concluding Thoughts

Read the first chapter of the book for free.

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