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Jun 13

The Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God’s Call to Justice

Actofworship Over the next few months, we will post some insightful quotes from a number of books related to the topic of worship.  The first book we'll be quoting from is by Mark Labberton (forward by John Ortberg), and is entitled  The Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God's Call to Justice .

From the publisher:

What's at stake in our worship? Everything.

Worship is the dangerous act of waking up to God and God's purposes in the world. But something has gone wrong with our worship. Too often worship has become a place of safety and complacency, a narrowly private experience in which solitary individuals only express their personal adoration. Even when we gather corporately, we often close our eyes to those around us, focusing on God but ignoring our neighbor. But true biblical worship does not merely point us upward—it should turn us outward as well.

In this prophetic wake-up call for the contemporary church, pastor Mark Labberton reconnects Christian worship with biblical justice. From beginning to end, worship must pursue justice and seek righteousness, translating into transformed lives that care for the poor and the oppressed. Labberton shows how to move beyond the comfort of safe worship to authentic worship that is awake to the needs of the world.

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