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May 12

Top 5 Kevin Prosch worship songs

proschI wanted to profile some of the great worship leaders that have helped shaped me, my music and how they look in the church setting. I can't think of a better person to start with than Kevin Prosch. As a young man and budding musician Kevin's music was so inspirational to me by his honesty, transparency and language he chose in worshiping Jesus. It was like nothing else I'd heard. The emotion, passion and truth he brought to each song was apparent not just in his performance but in the lyric. He revolutionized worship music and pioneered an entirely new wave of worship music through his writing at the Vineyard. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin a few times and he's one of the most humble men I've met in my life and is still in my prayers.

Here are what I view to be the Top 5 worship songs Kevin has released.

1. Even So Come(Even So Come)

One of the most beautifully written acoustic worship songs I've heard. The lyrics dance between powerful proclamations of God's power and promise to desperate please and appeals to a loving God. I can rarely hold it together when playing this song. This song certainly stands the test of time.

2. Come Let Us Return(Reckless Mercy)

Like most of Kevin's early work, a really simple song taken right out of the scriptures. Kevin is a master at taking text straight out of scripture and putting incredible melody to something seemingly unfit for corporate verse. Not many "contemporary" (I hate that I just said that) worship leaders attempt to take on the biblical texts Kevin did. Again, truly stands the test of time.

3. Psalm 102(Reckless Mercy)

Another example of singing straight scripture and how powerful it can be in corporate worship. I hope the more charismatic/contemporary/whatever worship leaders remember their roots here and come back to this more and stop singing so many experiential verses. There is no greater revelation than the gospel, don't ya think it would benefit the body to sing it more? I do. This song is a good intro to Kevin's rhythmic creativity. It wasn't just his melodic sensibility that made his songs great, but his rhythmic creativity brought such a freshness to worship.

4. His Banner Over Me(Touching the Father's Heart Vol. 10)

I don't see how I could have this list and leave out his most popular song. For me it doesn't stand the test of time, but it had it's time and purpose and without a doubt edified the body greatly. It was in regular church rotations for many many years and deservedly so. I remember quite a few banner waving dance frenzies to this song(God help me). Good opportunity to plug Top 5 things I miss about 90s worship.

5. God is So Good(Reckless Mercy)

Simple melody, powerful proclamation lyrically, killer vocals, creative arrangement, passionate performance, yup that makes for a great song. Another one of his songs that got heavy heavy play for many years. I think this is due for a new arrangement and even while writing this post I'm getting very much inspired to work on some new arrangements of a few of these.

Kevin is re-releasing 3 of his albums, Tumbling Ground (Black Peppercorns), Kiss the Son and Journeys of Life. He also has his cds available for sale on his site, even some digital versions available.

Twitter honorable mention: Raise Up the Standard (Come to the Light), Save Us Oh God (Touching the Father's Heart Vol 10.), Come Down (Palanquin), Highest Praise (Come to the Light)

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