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Jan 09 2009

Tim Tebow: Face of the Missionary Generation

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…one thing is clear; these passionate lovers of God are a new breed and live by a radical new standard….

…They’re giving up their Spring breaks and Summers to serve the poor in Costa Rica, and to carry rubble and debris in New Orleans, and to dig wells in Africa.  And they’re setting a new standard for everyone around them…

…Instead of going into corporate America, and the normal hunt for riches and materialism, they are choosing careers as foreign missionaries, community developers who are starting their own non-profit organizations and businesses, and choosing to work as staff at other Christian organizations and Churches. They’re putting their gifts to work in the kingdom in the most creative and innovative ways.

And it made me proud to see these young people get such a public nod, for when the commentators praised Tim Tebow for his humanitarian work, they were also saluting the sacrifices of this missionary generation.

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