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Jan 12 2009

Radical Womanhood: Your Best Life Later

Radical Womanhood: Your Best Life Later.

If you could make a film about Proverbs, it would make for a colorful film set. Boisterous, brazen harlots would roam the streets, looking for foolish young men. Sluggards would doze at tables, their hands still buried in a dish, or roll over on their beds, like doors on their hinges. Husbands would be living on the roofs of their homes while their contentious wives shout at them from below. Pigs would be running about with gold rings in their noses.

Proverbs contains a lot of memorable images. And that’s a good thing because this wisdom book uses pithy sayings to highlight the need for godly discernment and instruction. The whole book is about considering what comes later from your deeds now.

In fact, it highlights two kinds of “later” — what you’ll reap in a few years in this life and what awaits when all of this burns up. Proverbs tugs at our natural short-sightedness to say, “Consider the outcome of the choices you make right now.” It provides the wisdom we need to marshal our desires for a preferred outcome.

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