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Jan 15 2009

Facebook and You

The Shepherd Press Blog: Facebook and You.

If you use social networking as a chance to “be yourself” and vent or sound off or be down about life, you make Facebook all about you. This is what Paul is warning the Philippians not to do. For Paul, life was not about him, it was about Christ. If you really believe that the God is in control of the world and your life, but you fail to acknowledge that reality by making negative, discouraged updates, then you make yourself too important. In effect, you consider your assessment of things to be more valuable than God’s assessment. This also applies to the things you praise: things like being glad your team won or that you are glad to be home or that you can’t wait for the weekend. If such things are all you ever say, who will ever observe any appreciation of God’s presence in your life? Who will understand that God, his providence and his word are the reasons for your joy?

The world wants to be the center of your life. There is a popular country song by Kenny Chesney that says that everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.  Communities like Facebook can and do promote this fascination with the world. Life is about me. This is, in one sense, despising the gift of God to you. Making the world the most important thing, saying what you feel at the moment, without regard to God’s involvement in your life, is, in effect, despising God’s provision. It is ignoring the intercessory work of Christ and the blessings guaranteed by the promise of the Spirit.  We all succumb to this temptation at times, and, by God’s grace, fight against it; but we should be aware that when we despise God’s grace on Facebook, we have a large audience, and this worldview is pleasing to Satan. Don’t forget what is real. Your God neither slumbers nor sleeps. You are always held by his right hand. Don’t be caught up in the word’s delusion that life is about you and how you feel at the moment.

You are engaged in warfare. You are to take every thought captive for Christ. This certainly applies to Facebook.

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