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Dec 03 2008

Hillsong United: The Point of Difference

From CCM Magazine:

For the songs and music of Hillsong United to be recognized more and more the world over, worship leader/songwriter Joel Houston actually admits, “Songwriting can be like swinging your arms recklessly,” never quite knowing where the punch will land. Houston says the songs of Hillsong United are “a search for the creative, for the heart of God—for right now, for today, not yesterday. We as songwriters search for that, search for what God is saying personally now, for us and for the church.”

Even when the process feels wild and out of control, Houston finds God revealing order. “I’ve had times that a friend wrote a song that contained the same thought that I was having in a song,” he says. “The shape of each song might be slightly different, but God is impressing the same thing on our hearts.”


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