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Nov 10 2008

Wanted: Young Men in the Church–Delayed marriage forecasts an impending crisis.

Collin Hansen writes in Christianity Today on the perennial adolescent:

"For whatever reason, adolescence appears to be the young man’s default state, proving what anthropologists have discovered in cultures everywhere: it is marriage and children that turns boys into men," Hymowitz writes. "Now that the SYM [single young male] can put off family into the hazily distant future, he can—and will—try to stay a child-man."

Certainly this challenge requires a missionary response from our churches. If these men will not come and join our worship services, we must go and seek them. This imperative seems to inspire the current "missional" rage among evangelicals. Evangelistic appeals grounded in felt needs won’t do the trick with these men. What good is this approach when we see no evidence that these young men feel the need to change? And if we adjust our beliefs and behaviors in order to attract these men, we run the risk of peddling the gospel and precluding God-given transformation.

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