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Nov 03

Danny Wuerffel: Not Wasting His Life…Or His Heisman Trophy

WuerffelThe Atlanta-Journal Constitution recently profiled the ministry of Danny Wuerffel, former University of Florida quarterback and Heisman Award winner.  Wuerffel recently relocated to the Atlanta area and is working on a Masters of Divinity degree at Reformed Theological Seminary.  The AJC caught up with Wuerffel at an African-American church south of Atlanta pastored by Mike Higgins.

Wuerffel, son of a U.S. Air Force chaplain, is not bashful about his faith and declares that God’s plan for him all along was to use his name recognition in football as a tool to serve the poor with initiatives in education, housing, economic development, youth recreation, evangelism and discipleship.

“My hope is that the flashes of media bounce off a Heisman winner and will be directed to the real heroes in the community,” said Wuerffel, who led the Gators to four Southeastern Conference titles and quarterbacked seven years in the National Football League.

“When people want to hear my story, I can use that to tell another story. That’s what we want to do with all the different leaders we are going to work with. Our goal is that 10-15 years from now, there will be 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 different communities that have been changed because of what God has done through Desire Street.”…

…His Bible is open on his desk, still warm from use, but Wuerffel does not need to flip through for one of his favorite passages that describes his work. He has studied it and grasps its message: Second Corinthians, Chapter 4, Verse 18:

“We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

“When you are in communities and you are dealing with people you are seeing things a certain way, broken, dysfunctional, impoverished,” he said. “We’re hoping to see something different, a transformation in people’s lives.”

Higgins marvels over Wuerffel’s energy and commitment to outreach.

“His intention is that he not waste his life,” Higgins said. “You can give folks all types of trophies and rings and accolades and they still waste their lives and all they can talk about is what they were. He is challenging all of us not to waste our lives and sit back and talk about how great we are.”

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