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Oct 18

Starting a Prayer Team

If you’re a church planter, worship leader, pastor, youth pastor, or ministry leader, YOU NEED PEOPLE PRAYING FOR YOU AND THE VISION GOD HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART.

Recently, in our new church plant, we launched our prayer team called The Ridge Warriors.  Once a week, they will receive an email from our Warrior point person, with some very specific, some very detailed, some very general, prayer requests.  Now these aren’t things like praying that the corn on aunt Maude’s foot heals up.  These are very bold prayers with the vision of our church in mind, as well as prayers for our pastor and the Ridge’s leaders. 

Once a point person is chosen by the lead pastor or ministry leader, here is what we ask of our prayer team members:

  • To pray diligently, boldly, specifically when asked, and to pray throughout the day every Thursday
  • To always pray very big, audacious, stupid, crazy, huge prayers for RCC and the city of Oak Ridge
  • When asked, to fast
  • To participate in prayer walks through out the city of Oak Ridge

Once a week, I send out some specific things to be prayed for to the Ridge Warrior point person, and they add a few things to it, and send it out to the Warriors.  We’ve already seen the result of answered prayers from the Warriors dilligence. 

I can’t tell you how important it is to have a team of prayers in your corner.  Weather you’re a church planter, youth pastor, or ministry leader, get people praying for you, your family and the vision that God has placed in your heart.