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Oct 09

Inseperable: Biblical Worship and Social Justice

"Social Justice" should be more than simply a hip buzzword in today’s evangelical/emergent lexicon. It’s a biblical imperative that is inseparable from worship, said David McNeely recently at Perimeter Church in Atlanta in a message entitled "Who Cares?"

Do we really believe that worship and social justice are inseparable?  Are we truly offended and heartbroken at the genocide and torture taking place around the world, and the sex trafficking, human slavery, child abandonment, homelessness, and abortion taking place around the world—and in America—and in your city?  Or are we more offended and heartbroken by trivial personal issues that matter little in the kingdom?

If we did believe worship and social justice are inseparable, as did Micah in the Bible, our lives and our churches would be vastly different than the bastions of entertainment and positive thinking they are quickly becoming. 

Here’s a link to that message, one of the most powerful, thought provoking and biblical messages on the topic of Justice we’ve heard.  Listen to it today.

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