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Aug 23

Investing in tomorrow today

I recently returned from attending the National Worship Leader Conference which was held in Austin, Texas for the past two years.  Each year I am so excited to go back.  It will always be a part of my summer ministry schedule.

This year I had the privilege of sitting in a class with Ross Parsley which was focused on investing in our future worship leaders and future worship teams.  He talked about cross generational worship leading.  I didn’t know it then but God would begin laying it on my heart to put together the Fellowship Church Worship Apprentice Program.  In this program students who are currently active in the student ministry and who have the desire to eventually audition for the worship team have the opportunity to be involved with the worship team practices and eventually even the Sunday morning services. 

I feel that God wants me to challenge some of you reading this who are worship pastors or senior pastors to put together a program that invests in the young people in your church.  Today’s apprentice is tomorrow’s worship leader.  Get them involved.  Even if it is behind the scenes get them comfortable working under the pressures of the ministry.  Let them experience your band’s practices.  Let them dare to be a lead worshipper.  We are here to not only lead worship and rehearse our teams, we are here to prepare the ministry for the day we step out and they step in.  I pray that when I step away from the worship at Fellowship Church that not only does the ministry not skip a beat, but that it is even better than it was before I left.

How many future lead worshippers are in your student ministry?  Pray for them, equip them, and be open to what God can do through you with them.