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Apr 01 2008

Is “faber grable” latin for “david crowder?”

Badgrablefaber_2Dude.  It’s official: We’ve gone full circle. 

Out with the guitars, celtic overtones, and record scratching, that was so yesteday.  Organs are hip now.  Retro is in, with retro instruments, retro hair, and retro art.  And this is Retro with a capital R.  Leave it to Faber Grable to merge the traditional with the emerging, producing a unique "new" sound quickly taking root (is it true that "faber grable" is latin for "david crowder?" Is this some kind of musical equivalent to the LOST TV show, riddled with songs filled with double meanings, hidden messages and clues?).   No wonder this guy came out of nowhere and is suddenly up for 5 Dove awards this year and is set to grab a grammy next year.

Truly, this may be one of the finest, most unique recordings to come out in awhile.  After skyrocketing to the top of iTunes in less than five days, the hard copy recording is now flying off of the shelves at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  Get ready to rock out with harps, vibraharps, and cathedral chimes this post-Easter season. Don’t miss the special guest duets with Third Day’s Mac Powell, Jars of Clay and the David*Crowder Band.  (And just who is that wild man on the cover?)

But wait, there’s more, check out the top two runners up…by all means, keep reading if this is all news to you…



Here are the second and third place runner ups.  The band on the left will be singing the National Anthem at the Final Four Basketball Tournament and are currently on the stagecoach west to Los Angeles where they will be coaching the American Idol singers through the Americana theme week.  The hipsters on the right will be appearing with Sanjaya, Elvin Bishop, Captain & Tennille and Willie Nelson at Farm Aid XXI this summer in Woodstock.  Both CD’s are available exclusively at Cracker Barrell and The Dollar Stores nationwide.

Did we mention today is April 1st?

These are some happenin’ CDs.  Or at least some used-to-be-happenin’ vinyls and 8-tracks, somewhere…

Did we mention today is April 1st?

Check out the rest of the runners up are here , here , here and here.  It was truly hard to narrow these fine, highly professional, top quality recordings down to just three favorites.

Can anyone say "missional?"

Can anyone say "happy april fools day…" (that means all of this is a big joke and none of it is true, which surely you already know by now). 

Will today’s artists look similarly bizarre when we look back in 2040?

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