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Dec 06

Our Father find’s favor in YOU!

This morning I was so proud of my little boy Mason. Each morning on the way to the church Mason and I stop by a convenient store, where I let him pick out any kind of fruit breakfast bar he wants, within reason. This morning he picked out a strawberry breakfast bar.

As we continued on our way to his pre-school I noticed that he was not eating his snack. “Mason, aren’t you going to eat your breakfast bar?” I asked. He replied “No, I want to take it to school to share with Rachael.”

As we walked down the hall heading to his classroom he was talking about his friend Rachael and how he wanted to share. When we reached his classroom I kneeled down and gave him a hug and kiss and told him to be a good boy, as I always do.

But instead of walking away I backed up and watched inconspicuously through the window not wanting him to see me. As soon as he walked into the room his little friend Rachael ran over to him and they proceeded to go sit down at a little table where Mason shared his breakfast bar with his little friend.
I stood out there for what seemed to be a while peering through the window at my son, proud as I could be and overflowing with joy.

As I began to walk away, the thought occurred to me. You know, I bet our heavenly father is the same way with us. We often forget that our heavenly father is peering through the windows of heaven watching us. And just as I was filled with pride and joy watching my son this morning, I know that our heavenly father takes pride and finds joy in his children

My prayer for you today is 2 Thess. 2:16 “May our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, who loved us and in His special favor gave us everlasting comfort and good hope, comfort your hearts and give you strength in ever good thing you do and say.”

Be encouraged…your father finds favor in YOU!