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Dec 19 2007

24 Hours With Andy Stanley on the Topic of Generosity

Spend 24 Hours With Andy Stanley on the Topic of Generosity…

Just imagine… what if your church had “generosity” as a core value? What would happen if your people gave more liberally of their time, talents and treasures? Just imagine what your church would look like if your people could learn to better minimize debt so that they could maximize their giving and step up to new opportunities to serve God, each other, and the community.

We’d like to invite you to be a part of the 2008 Generous Church Summit, being held February 11-12 at Buckhead Church in Atlanta. This small gathering of about a hundred and fifty pastors will learn about generosity first-hand from Andy and other innovative church leaders. You’ll be encouraged, empowered, and given practical help on how to make generosity a priority in your church.

Learn How to Transition Your Church to Better Generosity…

"Generous Churches See the Problem"
Bob Coy, Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale via video

"Generous Churches are Led by Generous Pastors"
Scott Ridout, Sun Valley Community Church, Phoenix

"Generous Churches are Intentional about Reaching Every Steward"
Andy Stanley, Buckhead Church, Atlanta

"Generous Churches Build Generosity into the DNA of Their Culture"
Neal Joseph, Fellowship Bible, Brentwood, TN

"Generous Churches Empower Passionate Leaders"
Jeanette Dickens, Mt. Pisgah UMC, Alpharetta, GA

"Generous Churches Understand Corporate Stewardship"
Andy Stanley with Q&A


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