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Nov 09

The Theology Behind The Song Indescribable

Laura Story discusses the theology behind her song Indescribable, a worship song made popular after being recorded by Chris Tomlin and preached on by Louie Giglio nationwide.  From Worship Leader magazine:

When she had a moment to get away, Story opened the Bible to the book of Job. At the time she was attending a Bible college (Columbia International University) so it only made sense that her writing would be seeped in the Word. "There is a part where Job starts complaining about his life." Story explains. "God stops him in his tracks and says, ‘I’m sorry, where were you when I told the lightening bolts where they should go?’-that’s the Laura Story translation. I read that and saw how it continued the theme about His greatness and how we should just be awestruck by it."

If you can’t tell from the crafted lyrics, Story puts high importance in the theology of worship songs. "It is scary to think of worship songwriters not being determined to use the Word," she says. "When you put biblical truth to the songs used in churches, you’ll have the congregation leave singing the sermon. You’ll have God’s thoughts, things that are God-breathed, stuck in their heads. It’s sad to think about a really catchy tune paired up with bad theology because that could, honestly, do a lot of damage in church."

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