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Oct 01

Redditt Andrews III on the Greatest Need in the American Church

Question: What is the greatest, most crying need in the American church today?

Response from Redditt Andrews III, Senior Pastor, Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church, Elk Grove, CA.

In answer to the question as to what I believe the most urgent need of
the American Evangelical Church I would humbly offer the following  comment:

I believe the most urgent need of the church is the rediscovery of the
gospel.  I say this not because I believe the gospel is ultimate in and
of itself; I believe God alone is ultimate.  However, the gospel is the
thing that reveals everything we need to know about God and His will for
our lives.  The modern evangelical Church, due to what I believe is a
complete substituting of, thus departure from the biblical gospel and
its categories and entailments, has all but lost the knowledge of God. 
Along with this we have lost sight of how to live for His glory, truly
love His Son, or rightly love His people or His world.

Unclear pictures are uncompelling pictures.  As long as we are vague on
the gospel we will be smitten by an uncompelling picture of God, a less
than adequate knowledge of His will  for the Church, our individual
lives, and a skewed view of our role in the culture.  In short we cannot
help but become helplessly enmeshed in idolatry.  I am persuaded that the
most urgent need of the American Church is a rediscovery of the gospel
of grace in all its glorious dimensions that she may, with it, be
confronted with a massive vison of God, the real dignity, worth and
foolishness of man, the mystery of iniquity, the inevitability of the
coming judgment, the horror of hell and glories of the new heavens and
the new earth and the centrality of Jesus Christ to it all.

Responses graciously facilitated courtesy of The Gospel Coalition

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