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Oct 02

Getting to Jesus

Recently, in the life group I attend, we went around the room sharing struggles that each one of us has that keeps us from God. One of the common struggles we shared was struggles with people. Isn’t it funny, how the one thing that God created to worship Him most and in the most authentic of ways is one of the very things that can keep us far from Him?

Something I heard long ago was that "if it wasn’t for people, ministry would be great!" I find humor in that in some ways as I’m sure you may as well, but we also know that if it wasn’t for people, there would be no ministry!

I love the story in Luke 5 where Jesus was teaching inside of a home and the crowds of people surrounding Jesus was massive. Outside of the home and on the outside of the crowd, there were four men, carrying a paralyzed man on a mat, looking for a way to get to Jesus. These men were blocked and hindered, pushed away, and ignored by the crowd of people. I love what happened next as the men climbed on the roof, made themselves a hole and lowered their friend down to Jesus and in verse 20 it says, "Impressed by their bold belief, he said,’Friend, I forgive your sins.’" Despite the people who hindered their journey to healing…to Jesus…these men did what they had to do to get to Him. They didn’t stop and whine, or drop their friend and go home, or leave to go find Jesus somewhere else. They cut a stinkin’ hole in the roof of the house to get to Jesus!

It’s easier said than done, but I think it’s time we start climbing roofs and making holes to get to Jesus. Letting nothing stop us from being in the presence of the one that authors life and the one that is well worthy of getting a little crazy to give honor and glory. That’s worship.  Who’s got a ladder?