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Sep 07

Set the Bar Higher

Within our student ministry (Fusion) we set the bar high when it comes to worship.  We don’t pull anything out that seems "too deep."  We believe that if the bar is set high when it comes to worship, it may take some time, but the students will rise to that, thus learning how to better express themselves in worship.  Here are some ways you can raise the bar in your student ministry and/or your congregation when it comes to outward expression worship.

  • Sing more songs that are TO God vs songs about what God will do for us
  • Don’t be afraid to simply worship and have your musicians and singers pour themselves out when worshipping on stage.
  • You’ll get the results that you charter, so raise the bar high and watch students rise to it
  • Don’t give up when someone inevitably says, "this is too deep for the non-Christians."   
  • Dump the top 40 hits or what’s on Billboard’s top 100 list unless the song has something to do with the topic, and by all means, don’t play one every week.
  • Challenge students and worship band members to worship with their hearts and not just their lips. (Isaiah 29:13)
  • Don’t skimp on the worship backgrounds.  First of all, dump the scenery scenes.  Go with more abstract backgrounds or at times, even use a simple black with white letters background.
  • Encourage and disciple the worship leader, who in turn, encourages and disciples the band.
  • Don’t be afraid to use worship stations at times, allowing students to respond to God in a way they never have before.
  • Encourage crowd participation EVERY song.