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Aug 14

Praise More Powerful: A Bible Study On Worship

PraisemorepowerfulOne of the best ways to learn about a topic is to study it comprehensively and systematically, rather than haphazardly.  It’s true of math, it’s true of history, and it’s true of the Bible.

So it stands to reason that a study on worship should be taken on in that manner as well.

Worship leader Dwayne Moore of Next Level Worship has produced a study on worship that accomplishes just that.  Praise More Powerful is a nine week study on worship designed for small groups, especially worship teams, complete with daily assignments and studies.

The first week of the interactive study opens with an examination of worship, developing the concept that worship is essentially a way of life for a Christian before moving into a study of praise, delving into the Biblical ways in which we can praise God.  Next up is a look at the attributes of God and how to know God’s voice, setting the stage for a study of the elements of an effective worship service.  From there the study looks at the responsibility of worship leaders and ministers to lead in worship.  The wrap up explores the tools needed for worship, the goals of worship, and the necessity of keeping worship at the forefront of our lives. 

Moore’s Praise More Powerful study serves as a good entry point for those new to the worship discussion as well as experienced leaders seeking to broaden and solidify their overall understanding of worship. Filled with Scritpure references and constantly pointing readers to the Bible, this study will give participants a good foundation and big picture view of worship from which to live, minister and study further.  Those who go through this study should emerge with a God-exalting understanding of not just worship, but of their responsibilities as both a church member and worship team member as well.

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