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Aug 31 2007

Interview With Songwriters Mark and Stephen Altrogge

Tim Challies interviews Mark Altrogge and his son Stephen Altrogge.  Mark has written numerous worship songs that have been published and recorded by Sovereign Grace Ministries (formerly PDI Ministries), Integrity Music, Glad, Anne Herring, Matthew Ward, and others. His most well-know songs are "I Stand in Awe" and "Forever Grateful".  Mark and Stephen recently released a CD entitled "In a Litle While."  Among the questions they answer:

TC: As Christian songwriters, do you ever feel pressure to write the worship song of the year—to write this year’s "How Great is Our God" or "Blessed be the Name of the Lord" (or perhaps I should say the next "I Stand in Awe")? Do you ever find that it is difficult to be satisfied with anything other than a smash hit?

TC: What is the key (or what are the keys) to writing a worship song that honors God and stands the test of time?

TC: Mark, how has being a senior pastor at the same church for over 25 years influenced your song-writing? Does this give you a different perspective than a person who deals exclusively (or almost exclusively) with worship or music?

TC: If I am properly gauging the Christian music industry, it seems that we are just beginning to emerge from a brief worship craze during which every artist had to release a worship album or two. We’ve seen a huge number of new worship songs created in the just the past five or ten years. Has this been a good development for the church? Did this time result in an outpouring of God-honoring songs that have blessed the church and that will stand the test of time?

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