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Aug 10

Children and Worship

Some online seminars related to children and worship are now available online at no charge courtesy of Desiring God Ministries:

Leading Children in Worship (84 minutes)
Singing songs or leading in worship? Practical aspects of planning and leading worship times with children will be presented, including: structuring worship time; selecting songs; using instruments and movement; and encouraging leadership in children.

Pam Grano
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Really Worship GOD: The Call of Christ to the Hearts of our Children (76 minutes)
Can unregenerate children really worship God? Come find out why leading children in worship is NOT an exercise in hypocrisy. Learn to use music as a means of awakening children to know, love, and rejoice in the one true God.

Gil McConnell
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Are They "In The Faith"? Helping Young People to "Test" and "See" (85 minutes)
Children raised in a Christian home with parents who faithfully bring them to church can learn how to behave like a Christian without being one. Often these children "accept Jesus" when they are very young, and subsequently assume they are Christians even when there is little evidence of new birth as they mature. In this seminar, we will consider a strategy for how to involve parents in preparing young people for baptism (or confirmation) in a way that encourages them to "examine" themselves to see whether they are in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5).

David Michael
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Why Theology and Doctrine Matter for Children’s Ministry (64 minutes)
John Piper
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Sovereign Grace & the Salvation of Children (52 minutes)
C.J. Mahaney
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More seminar sessions related to ministering to children.

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