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Jul 28

Tim Hughes on Leading Worship

Tim Hughes offers commentary on  leading worship, discussing the following points:

  1. We need to have times of high praise in our worship.
  2. We need to embrace musical dynamics
  3. Don’t force things when leading worshiprong – and that’s fine; we’re all learning.
  4. Keep asking questions when you lead
  5. Lead by example
  6. When leading on just a guitar:

•    Make sure your guitar is in tune
•    Be really watchful that songs don’t drag – this can really kill a time of worship
•    Check that songs aren’t too high – maybe take them down a key (e.g. Blessed be Your name – B to A, Consuming Fire – G to E)
•    Make sure you’ve had time to soundcheck your guitar and voice properly

      7.    Keep pushing yourself musically

Read the expanded commentary at Tim’s blog

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