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Jul 27

Ten Ways to Burn Yourself Out

I’ve been thinking burn out for some reason today. Not for me, but for fellow youth workers, pastors, worship leaders, and volunteers out there. Burnout is real threat to those of us in the ministry. It can happen before you know it and possibly ruin your entire ministry. So if you want to burn yourself out, here’s what you do;

  • Don’t spend any time with your family
  • Don’t make any time for your own spiritual development and nurturing
  • Don’t take a vacation
  • Fight battles in the church that 1) don’t concern you and 2) are useless
  • Let a someone suck you dry spiritually, mentally, and physically
  • Don’t go to any kind of conference to be renewed spiritually, physically, or mentally
  • Never say NO to anyone
  • Get involved in things in the church that are wearing your time thin that has nothing to do with your primary ministry
  • Don’t pray…at all
  • Stop worshipping with your heart (a la Charlie Hall)