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Jul 13

Summer Time Small Groups

I’ve listened to a lot of student pastors talk about taking the summer off with their small groups. There are some benefits to this, but I see summertime as a fantastic opportunity for small group leaders to really connect with students and build better relationships. Here’s a quick 10 to get you thinking small groups for the summer:

  • Myspace/Facebook- Yes I know, Myspace is of the devil. Whatever you think about the crazy social network, it is what it is. And what is, is a bee hive for students, and so is Facebook.  Actually, Facebook has become more popular in the high school world than the mighty myspace. Create an account for your student ministry and use it to stay connected with students all summer long and every hour of the day! Check out Fusion’s for some ideas.
  • Ice Cream-  Any day is good for ice cream.  Take out your small group for ice cream and get some discussion going.
  • LaserQuest/Laser Tag- If you lead a boys small group, this is a winner every time. You can never go wrong with laser tag any day of the week. Stop for some Wendy’s afterwards for some added conversation.
  • Starbucks- Starbucks is all about community, we know this. So hit up the local coffee mogul and take your small group for a good time.
  • Amusement Park- A good day long or overnight trip is to go to an amusement park like Six Flags. Leave out early and just have a day to hang out being a teenager again with your students. They will appreciate seeing that you still know how to have a good time.
  • Pamper Day- If you lead a girls group, take them out for a day at the spa, getting nails done, a trip to the mall and end it with a good dinner or a movie.
  • Bon Fire- Got some extra wood around for a "small" fire? Gather it up along with your small group and some hot dogs and marshmellows for fine time. No peeing in the fire now boys.
  • Pool Day- Gotta pool? Maybe ask someone in your church to open theirs up for you and your group. You could always go to a public pool too, but if you’re looking for more specific time with your group, go to someone elses pool for fun in the sun.
  • Service Project- Grab up your group and go serve together. There’s tons of things you can do together as a group to serve others so get creative.
  • Baseball Game- Baseball is the great summer sport, so go to your local minor league stadium or MLB stadium and take in a game. Get the cheap seats and plenty of dogs and peanuts.