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Jul 25

Songwriting Tips from Fernando Ortega

Bob Kauflin is at the Worship Leader conference this week in Austin and reports back with some songwriting tips from Fernando Ortega.

  • Don’t set out to write a "hit" and a good song at the same time. Focus on being faithful.
  • The challenge for us is to find a new way to say what’s been said over and over again about God.
  • A lot of times you start with a kernel of an idea, but it eventually becomes something very different. You have to be willing to let go of what you begin with it. It may be the "best thought you’ve ever had," but you don’t get to write it down, because its purpose was to lead you to one you’d actually use.
  • Spend time reflecting on God. That’s what we’re asking people to do when they sing songs – reflect on God. If I’m not doing that, I’m not going to be able to translate that to a song.
  • Pay attention to your melodies. Work on them. Sing your melody to la-la syllables. Speed up your melody and you might find potential weaknesses in it.
  • Try playing songs in different keys as you’re writing them. It may open up new possibilities

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