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Jul 05

More than worship pastors

This past week I had a break -through in my ministry here at Fellowship Church. And here’s the catch…it has nothing to do with our worship/music ministry. For the last year I have been studying at the Philadelphia School of Arts in order to improve my guitar skills. At almost every class my professor and I would end up talking about life’s problems and how God fits into all of it. I think I invited Joel to attend Fellowship the first or second week of classes. I even came from the angle of "I really could use some professional critiquing." It never did work. To this day he has never come to church.

This week I had a member of our church bring a pair of Philadelphia Phillies tickets to my office. It was for a day game so I told them that I wouldn’t be able to attend but that I would find someone who could use them. Now don’t laugh but as I was thinking of people who could use them, I know I heard the Holy Spirit whispering to me that I should take the afternoon off and take Joel, my guitar teacher. So on a whim I called him up and asked him if he would want to go with me. (In my head I knew he would say no). To my surprise, he said he would love to go. So I picked him up and we headed downtown to watch the Phillies.

It must have been around the third inning when he made a comment that opened the door. By the fourth inning Joel asked me "What exactly does it mean to have a relationship with God? What’s that look like?" Wouldn’t you know we spoke talked about that the entire rest of the game as well as the ride home. When I dropped him off he turned to me and said "I would love for you to give me a call so we can talk some more about this." WOW!! A breakthrough with Joel! You see, some people may never respond to a church invite. But they will respond to a baseball game, or coffee, or a movie or something else that they are interested in.

What is my point with all this? If you are a worship pastor, or a lead pastor, or an associate pastor, your ministry does not end when you walk of that stage. It is only the starting point. Ninety-nine percent of your ministry will take place off the stage, out of the limelight. We are more than worship pastors. We are Christ-followers.