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Jul 15 2007

Dead End Relationships: Codependency or Idolatry?

From Lydia Brownback at the Purple Cellar, on the tendency of a friend to remain stuck in bad, one-way relationships:

Psychologists use the label co-dependency for these relationships; the Bible calls them idolatry. Relational idolatry breeds unhappiness, yet many women get stuck here and can’t seem to break away, even when they’ve determined to do so. They remain stuck if, when they do decide to get free, they wind up trying to free themselves from the wrong thing. The man in her life is not the one my friend is idolizing; she is actually idolizing herself. When we cling to ungodly entanglements in order to gain something for ourselves—even something good like love or security or acceptance—we are, at the core, committing an act of self-worship. It’s worship turned inward rather than upward, which is the very definition of idolatry, and it is always the pathway to misery.

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