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Jun 25 2007

Book Sale: Everything $5

Desiring God is offering a short, web-only sale June 26-27 where all John Piper books can be had for just $5. 

Limited budget and a bookshelf currently devoid of Piper?  Here are our suggestions:

First, grab Don’t Waste Your Life.  It’s an easy read in one sense but a difficult read in another, in that it can be read in just a few sittings but is utterly convicting.  Then go for Battling Unbelief, an abbreviated yet powerful study into the power of sin and how we must fight it.

Then, pick up Life is a Vapor, Perced By The Word, A Godward Life I and A Godward Life 2.  These books offer amazing insight into scripture but are broken up into short 2-3 page offerings that can be read as devotionals.

If you’re ready to go deep and mine for serious gems, read Future Grace, Desiring God, and The Pleasures of God.  Each of these books will take you deeper into your understanding of God.  They are not easy reads, but they are readable and understandable to the person truly hungry for spiritual food.  Your life will not be the same. 

Ministry professionals should consider Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, and those undergoing deep discouragement should pick up When The Darkness Will Not Lift, a brief but broad commentary on the roots of depression and how to treat it biblically.

There is no Piper book not worth reading, so check out the store and if you see anything that looks interesting, buy it.  Consider doing some early Christmas shopping as well.

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