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May 14 2007

Matthew Smith: The New Worship

NewworshipmatthewwestreleventThe Relevent Network talks to Matthew Smith (blog) of Indelible Grace about worship music, ancient and contemporary.  One thought:

…with college students and twentysomethings—those are the years when we figure out if our faith is for us, or if it’s our parents’ faith. Those are the years when people step back and say, "Does this have anything to do with real life? Or are these platitudes that religious people sing to feel better?" I think the truth that’s in these hymns is hard to hear sometimes because they confess the ugliness of our sins and the ways that we run from God. But the beauty is, when we see that we have a huge need because of our sin, then we can see that Jesus is a huge Savior. If we try to minimize our sin, or pretend like it doesn’t exist, or pretend like it’s not that big of a problem, then Jesus becomes this little helper buddy. He’s nice to have around, but He’s kind of optional. But when we have to depend on Him for our very lives, then worship is a requirement for surviving.

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