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Apr 24 2007

New Church Conference Underway

The Christian Post reports on the National New Church Conference underway in Orlando, Florida.  A couple of quotes from Ed Stetzer, missiologist and senior director of NAMB’s (North American Mission Board) Center for Missional Research (Southern Baptist):

"I think we’ve bought into this sense in North America that the goal is to have a big church, grow a big platform, get a certain fame that comes with that…I think we need to change the scorecard. We need to … be churches that are multiplying, impacting communities [and] that are sending people away – sowing and reaping."


"How can I help Christians to not to just think of themselves as consumers of religious goods and services and churches as vendors of religious goods and services but how can we challenge believers that God called [us] … to really engage in the full mission of God…God’s people are called to do something more than run an institution and propagate an organization. They’re to live the Gospel in their lives. I just don’t think many people are getting that message."

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