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Mar 12

Battling Unbelief

BattlingunbeliefrectHighestrating_6Anyone serious about their faith is grieved by their sin.  Not just "big" sin but the daily, seemingly insignficant small issues of the heart that reveal our self centeredness and lack of Godward focusing.  The result is a noticeable and nagging lack of peace as we struggle with our conscience.

One option is to achieve a measure of false peace by focusing only on a number of major sins that we don’t struggle with, thereby giving us a measureable (and achievable) means by which to feel good about ourselves.  Others presume that since they said the sinner’s prayer and are forgiven, it doesn’t really matter ultimately how one lives, that God understands, and so they go one living and don’t spend much time grieving or struggling with sin.  Both methods harden our hearts, deaden our consciences and leave our souls at peril. 

So, as John Owen wrote, we are supposed to struggle with sin.  If we don’t, if there is no struggle, there is probably no spiritual life, unless we are residing in our glorified bodies which is not the case for anyone reading this blog.

So it is with that in mind that we are thrilled to see John Piper’s "Battling Unbelief" has been released.  Having previously read the galley proofs late last year, we have been anxiously awaiting the release of this volume to the general market.  An abbreviated version of Piper’s thick volume entitled Future Grace (this book contains essentially the application chapters that "illustrate how faith in future grace severs the root of sin and sets free the stream of love"), we’re happy to see this book available in an abridged format for those who don’t read fast or aren’t yet ready for an in-depth study of that magnitude.

Join Piper as he shares from both his heart and Scripture how to battle eight soul-killing sins:

  1. Anxiety (listen)
  2. Pride (listen)
  3. Misplaced Shame (listen)
  4. Impatience (listen)
  5. Covetousness (listen)
  6. Bitterness (listen)
  7. Despondency (listen)
  8. Lust (listen)

This is one of those books everyone should read.  Virtually every page is a treasure trove of Scripture, wisdom, and biblical application in matters that affect every moment of our lives. 

Also available is a DVD and group study guide.  From publisher Multnomah:

You have the faith that first saved you. But now you struggle to apply that faith in everyday circumstances. You are battling unbelief, fighting lies with the purifying power of God’s truth. Popular pastor and bestselling author John Piper will equip you to live by faith in future grace and demolish the struggles that stem from anxiety, pride, impatience, bitterness, lust, and more. Use the multi-session DVD by John Piper, and the corresponding study guide developed by Desiring God, on your own or in a group to apply the faith-grounding truths from the book. And claim the peace that’s yours in Christ.

Desiring God has the book for sale online at a great price as well as the study guide and DVD.  Some group discounts are available as well.

There’s also an introductory video clip available to view.   



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